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Bamboo Straws

As one of the green industry’s most versatile materials, bamboo is a great choice for those wanting an entirely natural alternative to plastic drinking straws. Each straw begins life as a stem of bamboo grown on the Indonesian island of Lombok and handcrafted in to drinking straws by local artisans. Being crafted from a single stem of bamboo, each straw is unique with slight variations in colour and diameter, which makes for a very natural eco-friendly look and feel. We work closely with our bamboo farm to ensure we can offer specific sizes for the different needs of our customers.

Our bamboo straws contain absolutely no dyes or preservative, and the bamboo is grown without pesticides. They can go in the dishwasher, but for longevity are best washed by hand using the cleaning brush (included). It takes just a few seconds.  When your bamboo straw is worn out, you can simply toss it on the compost heap where it will biodegrade naturally, instead of creating more waste in landfill.



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